Introducing: Innovative Ingredient for Scalp, Skin Care and Anti-Dandruff Products
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Introducing: Innovative Ingredient for Scalp, Skin Care and Anti-Dandruff Products

Introducing: Innovative Ingredient for Scalp, Skin Care and Anti-Dandruff Products

Stressed out about your dandruff and acne?

Don’t worry! Sit back & relax!

We know a healthy body promotes a lucid mind, but when we’re stressed, healthy practices often fall off our radar and unhealthy choices are made.

Unfortunately, stress can wreak havoc on your skin in multiple ways. Stress causes inflammation, which in turn causes your skin to react negatively resulting in dandruff, acne, and rashes, among others.

It’s rightly said that “charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, if the skin is afflicted by some disease.”

The first step in a basic skincare routine is to choose a product specifically formulated for your skin concern.

Ichthyol-Gesellschaft manufacturers of unique raw materials introduces to you Ichthyol Pale, a sulfonate salt of a highly volatile, extremely sulfur-rich shale oil fraction in aqueous solution specifically designed to treat DANDRUFF & SKIN DISORDERS.

Founded back in 1884, Ichthyol-Gesellschaft today is a renowned address in the dermatological field. For more than 140 years, the family-run company has been based mainly on its unique active ingredient, Ichthyol® that gave the company its name. Bringing together tradition and progress as well as science and service Ichthyol-Gesellschaft offers comprehensive solutions for dermatological needs. From the river Rhone in France via the mountains of Austria to Hamburg, the substance Ichthyol® Pale is the result of a multinational cooperation.

Ichthyol® Pale exhibits anti-microbial action in all microorganisms relevant to cosmetically significant skin conditions. It is characterized by high purity, good tolerability, galenic preferences, and versatility.

Ichthyol Pale Uses

Ichthyol Pale is a curated skincare regimen designed specifically for hair and skin care products. It helps target and treat various skin (e.g. for treatment of skin blemishes, redness, or itching) & hair concerns (e.g. for treatment of dandruff).

It is used in anti-dandruff shampoos, clear and pearly lustre effect formulations, cream rinses, hair coloring and perms. Ichthyol® PALE is also used in body lotions, after showering, after shaving, after depilating, facial care (pimples), cleansing milks, cream, after tanning- and after sun-products.

How Ichthyol Pale Works

It works by reducing the oil secretion by the oil glands present on the skin surface. It also has antimicrobial activity that prevents the growth of infectious microorganisms and treats skin infections, too. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties that treat irritation and itching in skin disorders.

In hair and skin care the cosmetic agent with the official INCI designation “ICTASOL” has gained importance worldwide because of its broad action profile. Its benefits in control of severe dandruff and skin blemishes could be proven in a variety of clinical studies.

Expert Advice for Ichthyol Pale 

👉  Ichthyol Pale is prescribed for the treatment of skin blemishes, redness or itching associated with  various skin disorders.

👉 Cover exposed skin or use a sunblock (SP 15 or higher) whenever you step outside in the sun following treatment with this medicine.

👉 Continue with the treatment as long as prescribed by your doctor.

Cheers to the next generation product active.

For Pharmacos, innovation means consistently providing you with high-quality products.

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