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Ideal for treating stretch marks or damaged skin.



Natural skincare active ingredient extracted from pomelo co-product via our enzymatic extraction technology.


AnnonaSense CLR

AnnonaSense CLRTM provides the skin with means to establish a sustainable homeostatic balance, improving skin health and well-being

Cutibiome CLR

CutiBiome CLRTM

CutiBiome CLR is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia

Multimoist CLR

Multimoist CLR TM

MultiMoist CLRTM activates production of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and promotes the VDR's activation



CO2 supercritical plant-based extract acting similar to synthetic retinoids, promotes the treatment of aging skin

Customer's Speak

Ms. Archana Prasad, Ex Head R&D - Mankind Pharma Ltd.
Ms. Archana Prasad
Ex Head R&D - Mankind Pharma Ltd

Pharmacos is always been on Mankind's best suppliers list, because of its commitment and timely supply of raw materials with proper information in tabular form which becomes very easy for anybody to track the material. Suppliers like you boost our energy to go beyond boundaries and search for some very new concept with innovative ideas. As R&D head of a pharmaceutical company my effort is always to choose suppliers from whom we can get right information and timely delivery of RMs accompanying lots of data which we always get from Pharmacos. I must appreciate the quality of your RMs with proper packing and perfect label also the way they approach their customers. My good wishes to the whole team of Pharmacos, continue to be like this.

Ms. Deepa Mastakar, Professional Beauty Therapist, Mumbai
Ms. Deepa Mastakar
Professional Beauty Therapist, Mumbai

I used Prorenew Complex CLR to blend in night cream. The result I found was excellent!! It helps in fading dark spots, reducing fine lines and increases skin hydration. After using night cream with Pro Renew Complex CLR, my clients were very happy and satisfied.

Ms. Pritika Anand, Founder, Tvakh India
Ms. Pritika Anand
Founder, Tvakh India

As a researcher it becomes very difficult to opt out actives that show sustainable results, trying out actives from CLR has always helped to achieve the desired results specially for Cutipure. It has helped our anti acne regime in a great.

Mr. Partha Pratim Bhattacharyya, GM, R&D � Production, Keya Seth�s Ayurvedic Solutions (Cosmetic DIVN)
Mr. Partha Pratim Bhattacharyya
GM, R&D – Production, Keya Seth's Ayurvedic Solutions (Cosmetic DIVN)

Last 6-7 years I am using CLR products in my various formulations and extremely happy to say these actives can do miracles, when used in proper doses with combination of other actives. For example, ALOPEX PENTA which is a product for hair re-growth and hair rejuvenation, in KEYASETH'S AROMATHERAPY, it is the highest selling product. I have used Follicusan with blend of vitamins and amino acids, the clinical trial report conforming that 97%of volunteers are in agreement that hair fall stops within 7 days in 100%. Our products containing CLR actives are well accepted in the market.

Mr. Sarangarajan, New Product Development, Curatio Healthcare Chennai
Mr. Sarangarajan
New Product Development, Curatio Healthcare Chennai

We are currently using 2 actives from CLR…..Lactokine & Calendula Oil. Wherever we feel Rejuvenation and Nourishing is needed, we use Lactokine as a supportive ingredient. It delivers its promise so well. Calendula Oil – We are using this in Nappy rash prevention cream called B4 Nappy Cream. There has not been a single incident of Nappy rash after that cream is applied. The active is so dependable. In total, we respect any Active from CLR.

Ms. Swati Jha
Jovees Herbals

I have been using CLR products since 8 years and i have used ProRenew Complex, Phytosan K, Belides ORG, Milk Peptide Complex, Cutipure and Daymoist. My experience with all the products have been great. I am satisfied with overall results you have promised and also with the technical support. Hope to work with you in coming many years.

Mr. Farooq Umar
Ex Chief Chemist - Shahnaz Ayurvedics

We are using CLR actives in our products range since a long and we are satisfied with efficacy & results of the products and we are also happy & satisfied with the services ( supply, technical support & communication ) provided by Pharmacos India.

Mr. Anand Srinivasan
Manager – Branch Operations, Kama Ayurveda

Pharmacos is a wonderful company to be associated with if you are in the natural beauty business. They only have products which work and have a wonderful range of speciality ingredients catering to all product categories. Pharmacos understands the specific requirements demanded and provide the correct solution and guidance. Their customer service is par excellence and Kudos to the wonder team. Once again we really are happy to be associated with Pharmacos”

Roopasree Ranganna
Founder – Rasayana

My experience with Pharmacos has been really great compared to other vendors, you guys have gone beyond your ways to support small entrepreneurs like me. It means a lot and it's my pleasure to continue to work with you and hopefully will be able to finalize my skincare line up soon.
Thank you once again for all your support, really appreciate it.