How to Maximize Your Hair’s Shine with Professional Products and Techniques
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How to Maximize Your Hair’s Shine with Professional Products and Techniques

How to Maximize Your Hair’s Shine with Professional Products and Techniques

Nowadays, hair care products are very popular. We simply go on buying a new product every time we see it in the market.


Because we want shiny hair as it is a sign of healthy hair and is considered aesthetically pleasing. Shiny hair reflects light and has a smooth texture, making it appear more lustrous and vibrant. In addition, shiny hair is often associated with youth and vitality, which can make a person feel more confident and attractive.

Shiny hair can also be a sign of good hair health, indicating that the hair cuticle is smooth and intact, and that the hair is well-nourished and hydrated. This can help prevent hair breakage and split ends, making the hair look and feel stronger.

Overall, people want shiny hair because it is a desirable physical characteristic that can enhance their appearance and self-confidence, as well as indicate good hair health.

Hair that lacks shine may appear dull, flat, or even damaged, and may be more prone to breakage and split ends.

While spending our pennies on a product, we always look forward to seeing outstanding results.

But does that really happen?


Many people complained that a product claiming to boost shine didn’t work for them.

This is due to the fact that the ingredients used in those products, such as oils, vegetable extracts, and silicones, can only promote an immediate shine. Despite being derived from renewable sources, oils and vegetable extracts interact weakly with the capillary fiber and are easily removed during washing, contributing to a heavy, oily feel. Silicones are not biodegradable because they are derived from chemical reactions involving chloride composites derived from petrochemicals (a non-renewable source). They also have bioaccumulative properties.

So to get you the ultimate solution, we have tapped into a handful of ways to add shine to hair, including using the right hair care products, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding damaging hair styling practices such as excessive heat styling.

  • Always look for products that contain ingredients such as Castor Oil, Propanediol Esters, which can help add shine to your hair.

Introducing innovative formulator #ProShine by Chemyunion, an innovative ingredients developer for health and personal care aligned with market trends.

  •        100% Plant based origin
  •       100% Biodegradable
  •        Green Chemistry

Every time you buy a product, look for Chemyunion’s – Proshine: Intense Shine and Eco-Friendly  Haircare. Chemyunion creates and develops innovative ingredients for health and personal care, aligned with market trends.

Formulated in a shine-enhancing shampoo, mask, spray, or conditioner.

     Proshine interacts with the main keratin structures in the capillary fiber, forming a uniform molecular   film with a high reflective index. These qualities are fundamental for getting an intense shine.

We understand your reputation is closely linked to high market value, and here at Pharmacos, we always look for ingredients that can help you stand out from your competitors. To Order your FREE sample, click here.


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