How do Probiotics help Prevent Aging?
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How do Probiotics help Prevent Aging?

How do Probiotics help Prevent Aging?

We all want to age gracefully and retain our youthful looks for as long as possible. However, the beauty of our skin gradually deteriorates.

All because of the harsh challenges our skin faces, and each challenge requires the epidermis (the most dynamic part of our body) to adapt to. The most prominent of these challenges are:

–       Sunlight

–       Pathogenic microbes

–       Daily hygiene, Detergents

–       Fluctuating environmental humidity and temperatures

–       Mechanical stress

–       Hazardous chemicals

Can we protect our skin from these hazards?

Oh yes!

Take a pro-active approach to healthy skinning with ProRenewComplex CLR, that safeguard the skin’s ecosystem.

ProRenew Complex CLR by CLR Berlin acts as a regenerating agent, restructuring, anti-aging agent and anti-stress agent.

Stress is one of the main factors affecting our skin. Fortunately, ProRenew Complex CLR supports and protects the skin microbiota against daily stresses. It enables the skin microbiota to regain and maintain its healthy balance quicker and more effectively.

Likewise, probiotics are beneficial and friendly microbes that encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Similarly, ProRenew Complex CLR is a probiotic anti-aging skin skin renewal approach that makes your skin look younger regardless of the type of impairment (environmental stress, aging).

Based on clinical research and findings, ProRenew Complex CLR:

–       Induces production of key ingredients of skin quality and differentiation

–       Improves keratinocyte cohesion

–       Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides

–       Induces skin renewal, desquamation and accelerates skin barrier recovery

–       COSMOS approved

ProRenew Complex CLR acts on essential features in the aging process of skin and supports skin’s abilities to successfully adapt to a constantly changing environment and to effectively renew itself. Researchers found that, ProRenew Complex CLRTM positively influences the speed and quality of epidermal growth.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is obtained from a lysate of the gram positive bacterial species lactococcus lactis, which is fermented under special conditions of catabolic repression. The biotechnologically obtained suspension contains fragments such as DNA, metabolites, cytoplasmic compounds, and cell wall materials in a moderate acidic, aqueous medium.

It is miscible with water and water-alcohol mixtures containing a maximum alcohol concentration of 50% w/w, but yields no clear solutions.

It is used not only in skin care emulsions, but also in gel-type formulations or serums, which are stabilized with suitable hydrocolloids or polymers.

We at Pharmacos always strive to provide our clients with high-quality products as we value the trust they put in us.

Miracles don’t happen. Get up and make it happen through you!


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