HDS Keratin
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HDS Keratin

Keratins are insoluble proteins of animal origin that derive from skin cells (ectoderm). The controlled hydrolysate in keratin has a composition in amino acids very similar to that of human hair and is characterised by its high content of sulphur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine. During the metabolism of these types of amino acids redox and trans-methylation reactions occur and which are responsible for the physiological condition of the hair.

The hydrolysed keratin has a lower molecular weight which enables it to penetrate up to the cortex of the capillary fibre which is ideal for hair reparation, strengthening and protection directly from within.

The proteins are polymer chains that have hydrophilic group characteristics (hydroxyl, carboxyl and amino) which gives them the capacity to retain water molecules. When the proteins are hydrolysed a larger number of carboxyl and amino group terminals are generated which increases their capacity for water retention.

For this reason, hydrolysed keratin is used primarily in products designed to treat damaged hair and protect healthy hair, thereby reducing the likelihood of split ends and fizzing, improving hair grooming and increasing hair moisture, shine and vitality


  • Protein protection against deterioration
  • Gradual delivery into the hair fibre
  • Increase in the bioactivity of the active ingredient
  • Cationic finishing system for greater adherence and resistance to washing
  • The ceramide and phospholipid content of the nanovesicles increases reparation and moisturization effect


  • Hydrolysed keratin encapsulated at 3% in the Indermal HDS system
  • Light brown coloured liquid
  • Biomimetic nanovesicles



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