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Polyester-7 (and) Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate 

LexFilm™ Sun* is a patented water-proofing agent and solubilizer for UV actives. It is a synergistic combination of a high molecular weight, water-resistant polymer with a light dry emollient. The combination yields a fluid with superior solubility for organic UV filters. LexFilm™ Sun is a pourable fluid. It is the only oil phase excipient needed. LexFilm™ Sun contributes less formulation costs than other combinations of solubilizers and water-proofers. This material has both good dielectric properties and superior solubilization attributes. LexFilm™ Sun can also improve transfer resistance in color cosmetics such as lipsticks, mascara, and foundations.

LexFilm™ is a registered trademark of INOLEX Inc. (USA)
INOLEX patent numbers and the associated patented articles can be found at www.inolex.com/patents

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