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Orgasol 4000 EXD NAT COS Caresse is a soft and smooth ingredient that is specifically designed for aqueus emulsions and gels such as sun care and skin care applications. Greasiness and tackiness are often associated with SPF product formulations. Orgasol 4000 EXD NAT COS Caresse is ideal for use in these formulations to help deliver

a softer, smoother and less greasy, more elegant feel. This fine powder improves aesthetics and performance by enhancing sensorial effects, while also providing superior optical benefits. Orgasol 4000 EXD NAT COS Caresse is a multifunctional skin care ingredient that will greatly improve the sensory performance of all products while also delivering a soft focus effect to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.

Appearance:   White Powder   
Particle Size:  10 Microns Oil
Absorption : 90g/100g 
Water Absorption: 140g/100g     
Recommended Use Level: 1 – 3%       
Melting Point   :     130-1350C    

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