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Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil  

SustOleo™ TSB is a palm-free, natural solid emollient that provides unique textures and sensorial properties. SustOleo™ TSB is a non-greasy, semi-solid with a luxurious feel that stabilizes w/o and o/w emulsions. In lipsticks and other anhydrous products, SustOleo™ TSB reduces sweating and drag while providing an easy pay-off and silky feel in formulations.

Derived from natural sources, SustOleo™ TSB is a biodegradable palm-free alternative to typical structuring agents and semi-sold emollients.

SustOleo™ is a registered trademark of INOLEX Inc. (USA)
INOLEX patent numbers and the associated patented articles can be found at www.inolex.com/patents

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