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Brassica Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate (and) Brassica Glycerides  

AminoSensyl™ SC* is 100% natural self-emulsifying system for high oil load lamellar liquid crystal emulsions with a soft & velvety skin feel. Derived from the essential amino acid valine and brassica rapa seed oil, this cutting edge amino lipid technology offers a natural and sustainable solution for luxury skincare. AminoSensyl™ SC creates rich textures and stabilizes high oil loads for easy formulation of high-end skin and shave products.

Claims: Stabalize up to 40% oil loading, gentle to skin and eyes

AminoSensyl™ is a registered trademark of INOLEX Inc. (USA)
INOLEX patent numbers and the associated patented articles can be found at www.inolex.com/patents

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