Curasan™ is a synergistic system containing chitosan, tocopheryl acetate, ethyl panthenol (provitamin B5) and phytantriol. It forms a non-occlusive protective film thanks to chitosan, with an affinity for the keratin of stratum corneum corneocytes and the keratin cortex of the hair. Curasan™ is a polyvalent active for both skin and hair care. Curasan™ is especially designed for application to dry, thin, and structurally damaged hair; it also smoothes rough and fissured skin by forming a protective film.

Curasan™ is a yellowish, viscous, and slightly turbid liquid. It is miscible with water, but gives no clear solutions. The product yields clear surfactant solutions at a pH of 5.4 (adjusted with lactic acid or glycolic acid). It is incompatible with alcohol, citrates, and tartrates.