Milk Peptide Complex
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MPC™ ? Milk Peptide Complex contains a complex of activated natural signaling molecules derived from milk, such as TGF??, for regenerative care of mature skin. MPC™ reduces the visible signs of aging by inducing the production of extracellular matrix molecules in the dermis, such as collagen type 1, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin, making the skin firmer and improving its elasticity. In addition, MPC™ quickly and effectively reduces wrinkle depth and enhances the overall structure of the skin. Also available encapsulated in plant-derived liposomes as MPC™ ? Liposomes.

MPC™ ? Milk Peptide Complex is a white powder, which is soluble in water but will give a solution which is slightly turbid. When processing MPC™, the product should be dissolved in a buffered part of the water phase within the recommended pH range.