Vitamin F forte
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Vitamin F forte contains polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids, originating from safflower oil, with a particularly high content of linoleic acid in its natural form (C18:2; 9cis 12cis). The product helps to restore the lipid barrier of the stratum corneum. In this way it effectively deals with dry and scaly skin. It also has beneficial properties in hair care; Vitamin F forte revitalizes hair, improving the hair condition and the combability. It greatly strengthens hair and prevents hair breakage, even after the hair has been stressed severely and repeatedly by hot flatironing.
Also available as Vitamin F water-soluble CLR in water-soluble form. In addition, essential fatty acids in ester form are available as Vitamin F Ethyl Ester CLR or Vitamin F Glyceryl Ester CLR.

Vitamin F forte is a yellowish, oily liquid. It is soluble in oils, fats and concentrated alcohols. Vitamin F forte dissolves in alcoholwater mixtures with a minimum alcohol concentration of 70% w/w. Due to its content of saturated fatty acids, Vitamin F forte shows turbidity at temperatures below approx. 160C (600F), which is reversed by gently raising the temperature. This process does not influence the quality of the product. Storage temperature: 10?200C (50-680F).