SustOleo GMS

SustOleo GMS is a palm-free, biodegradable, natural grade of glyceryl monostearate. It is a powerful co-emulsifier that can be used in nonionic, anionic or cationic o/w emulsions as well as w/o emulsions and surfactant systems. SustOleo GMS is a stabilizer that helps to build lamellar structures in emulsions providing consistency and texture to formulations.

SustOleo GMS is suggested in cosmetics and toiletries and recommended as a co- emulsifier in conjunction with a variety of emulsifiers and surfactants. SustOleo GMS is also recommended as a binder in non-aqueous oil and wax systems such as lipsticks and pressed powders. Derived from natural palm-free sources, it is an ideal alternative to typical glyceryl monostearates that are derived from palm.