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Lexgard Natural is an all-natural multi-functional ingredient system for preservative-free and self-preserving cosmetics. Lexgard Natural has the following features:

It is 100% vegetable derived. It has no petrochemical content.

Approved by ECOCERT, NaTrue, and NPA standards.

It is an approved natural preservative that is also renewable. Other preservative materials on the approved lists are only "nature     identical," which means they are petrochemical and non-renewable.

Lexgard Natural is composed of high purity monoesters of caprylic acid (C8 acid) and undecylenic acid (C11 acid). The former is well established for its biostatic activity against bacteria and yeast. The latter is known for its activity against fungus. This combination provides remarkable broad-spectrum effects. Formulations with Lexgard Natural efficiently pass challenge tests required in the cosmetics industry.