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Welcome to the world of Pharmacos

Pharmacos India today stands tall as a manufacturing, distribution and formulation development house of high quality cosmetics raw material. We serve a cross-section of markets including the big cosmetics industry, for which we offer path breaking distribution services. We have consistently set standards that most companies aspire to set, but are unable to match. The company is undergoing ISO certification in recognition of “DISTRIBUTION & FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT”.

Why Pharmacos

At Pharmacos, repacking and distribution begins from inside and then works its way out. We have been professing to this creed of work right since our inception. Quality control while repacking is a constant feature in different stages. Each aspect is streamlined to meet the desired result. All the different processes involved in repacking and formulation development are constantly monitored, verified and controlled to get the right output.

Uncompromising quality

Our quest for quality does not end with standardization/formulation/distribution since our customers who see Pharmacos as an indispensable partner in their businesses appreciate this philosophy and work ethic "Doing Everything Right the Very First Time". Someone who understands their needs and is able to translate that understanding into concrete terms with "Zero Error Output". Because of our stringent quality control measures that are adapted from conceptual stage to the finishing stage we are today associated with Indian giants and other high quality cosmetics manufacturers. We are never contented as a dominant player in the domestic market alone. With an eye on total customer satisfaction, we recognized our need to make our presence globally. We proudly Export: Formulation assistance in the form of technology transfer. An unswerving will to grow has been the story during every moment of our Parent Company 35years of existence. With a strong devotion to quality, commitment to delivery schedules and a continuous process of technology up gradation with the state of art R&D Lab and new product formulation with technical assistance from In house Chemist having over 10yrs of experience in marketing field.


The mission of PHARMACOS is to provide its consumers with superior products and services by developing innovations and solutions that improve the quality of their prod- ucts and satisfy customer needs. We strive to identify the most critical needs of consumers and customers, and we devote our resources to meeting those needs.

Our Goal Has Been To Expand And Grow Step By Step With The Association Of Best Of Companies, Best Of Products, Best Of Customers And Work in the Interest of All.” "To build strong foundation & develop healthier relation between our Principals & valued customers."