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Follicusan™ DP contains biologically

Soluvit Richter

Soluvit Richter NP is a multivitamin herbal

Emulsense HC

Emulsense HC is a natural cationic system

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Spectrastat is a complete system

Lexgard Natural

Lexgard Natural is an all-natural multi-functional


Phenostat is a paraben-free preservative

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Sensory Fluids

LexSolv A

LexSolv A is an extremely light & dry emollient

LexFeel Natural is an extremely light and dry

LexFeel Shine

LexFeel Shine imparts shine and gloss to lipstick

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Skin Lightening


Belides™ EC is a skin-lightening agent

Kojic Acid Di Palmitate

Skin Whitening Agent

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Skin Whitening Agent

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Modukine™ contains biologically active milk

Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil CLR contains the lipophilic

LexFeel N5

The LexFeel N Series is a range of 100%

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Soluvit Richter

Arnica Oil

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